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chain, concatenation - a series of things dependant upon each other as if connected jointly; "the chain of command"; "an advanced concatenation of instances"

With a lot more innovations than any other auto in its class plus a prosperity of athleticism, the seven Series easily normally takes the pole place for the future of luxury travel.

purchasing, ordination, purchase - logical or comprehensible arrangement of independent elements; "we shall contemplate these concerns while in the inverse buy of their presentation"

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Retrospectives and going on the street Several tributes for the series have been shown with the decades, most commonly as Portion of daytime converse demonstrates and occasional bloopers specials.

As one of the most beloved vehicle inside the lineup, enthusiasts and proprietors alike have found solutions to uniquely Categorical themselves by means of their 3 Series.

A bipolar CIA operative turns into persuaded a prisoner of war has actually been turned by al-Qaeda and is particularly intending to execute a terrorist attack on American soil.

sequence stresses the continuity in time, considered, bring about and influence, and so forth.: The scenes came inside of a definite sequence. succession indicates that another thing is accompanied by A further or Some others consequently, usu. although not essentially that has a relation or connection concerning them: a succession of calamities.

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There are numerous ebook series that are not really good series, but much more of just one function so substantial that it has to be posted around two or even more guides. Examples of this kind incorporate The Lord of the Rings volumes or maybe the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Dean, nevertheless, stayed behind along with his father to join him in his "looking". Dean goes to Sam for support when their father goes missing. Now Sam will have to be part of his brother to discover him. His a single weekend excursion to find the missing John Winchester becomes an ongoing quest following a horrible tragedy ruins any considered a happy lifestyle for Sam. The 2 brothers, bound by tragedy and blood to their mission, vacation across the nation encountering terrifying and hazardous forces most believe that to become nothing at all but superstition and folklore, like the Girl in White, the Indian beast called the Wendigo, Phantom Tourists who bring about plane crashes, Bloody Mary, vampires, demons and lots of additional. From Warner Bros. Tv Output Inc. in Affiliation with Wonderland Sound and Eyesight, with executive producers McG (

electronics - the here branch of physics that specials Along with the emission and consequences of electrons and with the usage of electronic devices

class, line - a connected series of functions or steps or developments; "The federal government took a firm system"; "historians can only indicate those lines for which proof is offered"

A Series of Series - Listing of hardback publisher’s ebook series with thorough historical commentary on Every single

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A young male is bestowed with amazing martial arts expertise as well as a mystical force referred to as the Iron Fist.

Era of global political precedence for early childhood enhancement: the difficulties of framing and governance

A series could converge to the definite benefit, or might not, in which case it known as divergent. Permit the terms in a series be denoted , Allow the th partial sum be specified by

Should the distinction between successive phrases of the series is a constant, then the series is claimed for being an arithmetic series. A series for which the ratio of each two consecutive conditions is a continuing purpose in the summation index is known as a geometrical series.

A series of terms is claimed to get Completely convergent In case the series formed by getting the absolute values with the ,

Some authors help it become tricky to record their publications in a numerical order when they don't release Every do the job in its 'proper' buy through the Tale's inner chronology. They might 'soar' again in time for you to early adventures of the characters, producing functions that has to be positioned ahead of or in between Earlier printed operates. Therefore, the guides in a series are sometimes enumerated in accordance with the inside chronology in lieu of in publication buy, according to the supposed reason for the listing.

A finite geometric series is the sum of the initial couple of phrases of a geometrical sequence. It turns out there's a fast way of finding this type of sum, without needing to seriously sum the many conditions one particular-by-a person.

Partial sums are yet another way to think of finite series. Why partial? Simply because they really are a Component of an infinite series! Considering the partial sums of an infinite series allows us assess the infinite series itself.

Given that the car or truck that invented the sports activities sedan segment, The three Series Sedan is the heart and soul of your BMW lineup.

A modern prequel to Psycho, offering a portrayal of how Norman Bates' psyche unravels as a result of his teenage several years, And just how deeply intricate his connection with his mother, Norma, really is.

Series on baby progress (2007, 2011), and proposes pathways for implementation of early childhood advancement at scale. The Series emphasises 'nurturing treatment', Specially of children beneath 3 decades of age, and multi-sectoral interventions starting off with health and fitness, that may have vast access to families and younger kids by way of well being and diet.

Afterwards Bart, Lisa, and Maggie try to flee because Excess fat while in the Hat would like them to stick with him endlessly. A parody of cat from the hat of Dr. Seuss' rhyme guides. Within the while back circus Strongman Homer wants to go ahead and take devil creator's (Moe's) emerald, so he tends to make Marge marry him to later on kill him, but Marge doesn't choose to eliminate Moe, so she dumps Strongman. Meanwhile, a more info gaggle of circus clowns and monsters eliminate Mr.Burns and just take more than the circus. moreless

prepare, string - a sequentially ordered list of matters or situations or Thoughts wherein Each individual successive member is connected to the previous; "a string of islands"; "practice of mourners"; "a prepare of imagined"

Set ninety seven decades after a nuclear war has ruined civilization, every time a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents again to Earth in hopes of potentially re-populating the World.

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b. A succession of particular person systems introduced as aspects of a unified full, like the list of episodes of a television display or even a podcast.

cerita bersambung framhaldssaga/-þáttur serial 続き物 연재물 serialas, kelių dalių tęstinis pasakojimas seriāls; romāns/filma turpinājumos bersiri vervolgverhaalfortsettelsesfortelling, fileøljetong موقوته ليكنه folhetim foileton сериал seriál nadaljevanka serija fileöljetong, serie เรื่องหรือละครชุด dizi 連載故事,連續劇 фільм у кількох серіях; серіал سلسلہ وار کہانی وغیرہ kịch, phim, truyện nhiều kì 连续剧(故事)

soap opera - a serialized system normally working with sentimentalized family members matters that's broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a corporation advertising cleaning soap solutions)

Resulting from a political conspiracy, an harmless male is shipped to Dying row and his only hope is his brother, who can make it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to precisely the same prison in order to crack the equally of them out, from The within.

A Congressman performs with his Similarly conniving spouse to actual revenge over the individuals that betrayed him.

This tutorial will clearly show techniques of estimating what a series converges to, and for pinpointing how excellent our estimates are. This is Tremendous practical for the reason that most series cannot be precisely evaluated (like we were ready to do with infinite geometric series).

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from the coma, to understand the globe is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.

succession - a bunch of men and women or matters organized or pursuing as a way; "a succession of stalls supplying comfortable drinks"; "a succession of failures"

electrochemical series, electromotive pressure series, electromotive series - a serial arrangement of metallic aspects or ions In accordance with their electrode potentials established under specified conditions; the order displays the tendency of 1 metallic to lessen the ions of every other metal underneath it within the series

There are several book series that aren't truly proper series, but a lot more of an individual read more function so massive that it needs to be published about two or more publications. Samples of this sort incorporate The Lord on the Rings volumes or maybe the Darkish Tower series by Stephen King.

a set of stamps, cash, and so forth, issued at a particular time five. (maths) the sum of a finite or infinite sequence of figures or portions See also geometric series 6. (electronics) a configuration of two or even more elements related in a circuit so which the same latest flows consequently by means of Each and every of them (esp while in the phrase in series)

The participant then chose 4 consonants along with a vowel and tried to solve the puzzle within fifteen seconds. This is similar to The present bonus spherical, other than the extent of trouble did not automatically correspond While using the prize's value.

class, line - a connected series of functions or steps or developments; "The federal government took a firm training course"; "historians can only point out People strains for which evidence is obtainable"

A Series of Series - Listing of hardback publisher’s e-book series with in depth historical commentary on each

Detailed Notes on series

b. A succession of unique packages presented as parts of a unified whole, including the set of episodes of the tv demonstrate or simply a podcast.

A girl who moves into an apartment through the hall from two good but socially uncomfortable physicists shows them how very little they learn about lifetime outside of the laboratory.

adjective eleven. Electric power. consisting of or owning part areas linked in series: a series circuit; a series generator.

The Wolfram Language computational method implements a lot of of these algorithms. Typical methods also exist for computing the numerical values of any but the most pathological series (Braden 1992).

series - (electronics) relationship of parts in such a way that recent flows initially by one particular after which from the other; "the voltage divider consisted of the series of preset resistors"

[2] This reserve series was exceptional for paying living authors of your performs printed Though copyright protection didn't exist concerning nations while in the 19th century.

With striking seems and also a roomy interior, The brand new 3 Series Gran Turismo fuses a chic coupe-like form with remarkable amounts of Area.

succession - a group of folks or matters arranged or following if you want; "a succession of stalls offering gentle beverages"; "a succession of failures"

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How can we tell no matter if a series converges or diverges? There may be an impressive repository of instruments which can help us with this particular query.

9 noble households battle for Command more than the mythical lands of Westeros; A overlooked race returns just after becoming dormant for 1000s of decades.

6. (Electronics) electronics a. a configuration of two or more factors related within a circuit so that the same current flows consequently through each of them (esp within the phrase in series)

is more info undoubtedly an upcoming American tv series manufactured with the Fox network. The series is usually a spin-off of 24

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of 5 surgical interns and their supervisors.

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A younger guy is bestowed with remarkable martial arts skills plus a mystical power generally known as the Iron Fist.

A lady who moves into an apartment across the hall from two good but socially awkward physicists displays them how minor they learn about lifestyle beyond the laboratory.

may also be accomplished in shut form, where by is surely an th get polynomial in . The initial couple of polynomials are

Use Note: Series is both a singular as well as a plural kind. When it's got the singular sense of "a single set," it will take a singular verb, even if series is followed by of along with a plural noun: A series of lectures is scheduled.

Since we understand what a sequence is, we're going to think about what comes about towards the terms of a sequence at infinity (do they strategy 0, a finite worth, or +- infinity?).

The ratio examination is Just about the most beneficial assessments for series convergence. Alternating series can be a Distinctive course of series which have their particular, incredibly valuable examination for convergence.

The principles of other games various, but normally, the show had a bigger prize spending budget than during frequent months.

A police detective during the asteroid belt, the very first officer of the interplanetary ice freighter and an earth-sure United Nations govt slowly find an unlimited conspiracy that threatens the Earth's rebellious colony on the asteroid belt.

Wow! Introduce yourselves to these special series and discover Probably the most intriguing regions of all of mathematics!

There are some e book series that are not seriously correct series, but much more of only one operate so large that it have to be published above two or maybe more publications. Samples of this kind incorporate The Lord of the Rings volumes or even the Dim Tower series by Stephen King.

The Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package provides quite possibly the most powerful circumstance at any time for passing on the driving force's seat in the BMW. Its expansive legroom and massaging seat capabilities are only the start of the limitless list of innovative entertainment and comfort-based features for you to indulge in.

If time ran shorter (signified by a series of "dings"), a "quicken" spherical was played, whereby the host gave the wheel a single remaining spin, with vowels value nothing and all consonants value Regardless of the host landed on.

Some series do have their figures undergo alterations, and make references to previous activities. Typically this kind of series are released in the order of their inside chronology, to ensure that the next ebook posted follows the previous book. Exactly how much these improvements issue will differ from series to series (and reader to reader).

Before the bonus more info round getting a long-lasting Component of the game, there have been numerous Unique months where reward rounds were performed. Video games involved (but not limited to):

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